Artists! Cintiq or Yiynova?


I want to get one of those fancy draw-on-the-screen tablets.
(Before anyone says it - yes, I know the artist makes the artist, not the tools, yes, I know they’re pricey, yes, I know they’re not perfect, I have thought very long and hard about it)

But I’m stuck between the Yiynova MSP19U (which is much cheaper, but seems to have quite a few problems including mouse jitter and SAI incompatibility unless you’re in mirrored mode) and the Cintiq 22HD.

Tagged as Aywas because I know there’s a lot of artists that might be able to give input.

Does anyone have either of these, and if so, what can you say about it, both good and bad? I’ve so far seen more problems with the Yiynova, but if you think the Cintiq has problems I want to hear those, too!